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Video Content Production Masterclasses

Video Content Masterclasses.

Concept Academy operates Masterclasses across video content topics. These include identifying new marketing and communication opportunities using video content, video content design and creation, video content for business improvement, video content for organisations and methods of video content production, and more.

Our Masterclass LDM platform delivers progressive learning tools to business and organisations world-wide. Our courses help your comms and marketing teams bring their techniques up to current standards, whilst preparing for the future. Our courses span zero-cost to paid webinar sessions. You can find our free courses on this page below.

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Concept Academy is part of the Concept Media Group. We create professional videos for businesses and organisations across the UK and world-wide. Take a look at Concept Media Group for more information about our range of video services for Broadcast and Digital platforms.

17 Years Of Creativity

Since 2004:

  • We’ve worked with hundreds of great people.
  • Created thousands of hours of video content.
  • Substantiated thousands of advertising claims on behalf of our clients.
  • Broadcast TV ads and video content across the world.
  • Influenced millions of people in their brand choice and buying decisions.
  • Generated millions of pounds worth of sales across the UK.
Masterclasses from Concept Academy Zero:

Free Video Content Masterclasses for everyone!… we’ll be adding more soon!

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-001 : How to improve customer support and reduce costs using Video Content.

Masterclasses available on the Concept Academy LDM:

These Masterclasses are available from Concept Academy LDM (Learning Development Manager) as part of the Concept Academy Subscription or are available for sessions individually.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-002: How to film staff – an employers guide to getting the messaging you need from your own people.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-003: How to make an effective staff communication video.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-004: Why Video Production by Subscription is the new trend for creating content.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-005: How to upsell your customer using video content.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-006: How to make a return to the workplace video.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-007: Why buying a camera won’t save you money on video production.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-008: Why the best performing videos are under 2 minute long.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-009: How to make a good staff communication video.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-010: How to make Technical video content interesting.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-011: How to design video content for regular social media posting.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-012: How to create a Content Calendar.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-013: How to light for corporate video.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-014: The Importance of Sound – How to get clear sound in videos.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-015: How to edit a corporate video.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-016: How to choose the right frame rate for video content for business and organisation use – an introduction.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-017: How to use video content in business.

Concept Academy Masterclass CA-018: How has video production changed since the corporate VHS or DVD? – An introduction to digital video.

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