Video Production by Subscription™

This service provides professional filming services on a regular basis at a fraction of the cost of one-off projects. It is a retainer-styled service that is focused around the day-to-day operation of business. The primary benefit is that video becomes a regular-use, highly affordable communications and marketing tool which had previously not been affordable at any scale of use. Consider us to be your out-sourced video production department.

  • The service can deliver more than one video per filming session.
  • The effective cost of each video is much cheaper than ordering a one-off production.
  • Establish yourselves as being at the cutting-edge of communication,

We do not charge per video...

We often produce between 2-4 videos per filming session – you only pay for the one filming day per week or month, based on your subscription level. No more expensive individual video bills.

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An evolution of 'The Production Company' to meet the new demand for fresh video content

Video Production by Subscription™ is part of an evolution of the traditional video production company. Previously, commissioning a video project was a large and costly project, running into many thousands of pounds for a single video. With Video Production by Subscription, all that has changed.

Instead of “wheeling out a TV into a meeting room for the 2pm showing”, video is now delivered to PC Workstations, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones on-demand, anywhere in the world. Using our straight-forward and responsive Concept LIVE Video Streaming Platform, companies can send emails to their staff with a link instantly.

Our new approach to budgeting breaks down the barriers obstructing communication, instantly allowing important messages to be distributed to office workers and workers in the field. And thanks to our LIVE Viewer Audit™ system, we can report back to communication and marketing managers with the times and date each viewer logged in to watch the video.

Crowd Funding Video Production for Nethergate Brewery

How does Video Production by Subscription™ work?

Video Production by Subscription™ is offered in two forms, a 6 month trial and a 12 month rolling agreement.

We scale pricing to your requirements, so for example, if you want to build in a regular monthly Staff Communication Video and a company library video, e.g. Health and Safety update / induction videos, we will determine the price based on the monthly filming days.

Case Study - Multi-National Corporation

The challenge
We were approached by a multi-national company that needed to embrace video as an efficient, fast way to to communicate with their staff. Their people worked both in the office and out in the field. Sales Persons and On-Site Engineers often missed important communications which became a concern to senior management and the HR department. They knew video was the medium of choice as field staff could watch the videos on their laptops and smart phones. They also felt that video would be better at attract the attention of their staff compared with emails or intranet bulletins. However, some local and city based Video Production Companies had quoted pricing that simply made video production too expensive and beyond their communications budget.

The Solution
We were then approached by the company about our Video Production by Subscription™ model which they felt best fitted their needs. They subscribed to two filming sessions per month. We allocated the first filming day for the filming of senior managers and staff as part of the monthly communication video. The second day was allocated to general business videos, particularly focusing around the building of a library of Induction and H&S Videos.

The Benefits
A cost saving calculation has shown the companies video production costs to have actually quartered overall, whilst the business had also increased the number of professional videos produced. Feedback from the communications team stated that they were very pleased with the results and felt Concept Media Group really understood their needs and delivered a powerful tool to their overall strategy.

Feedback from their staff (the viewers) was also incredibly positive. For the first time they felt informed about what was happening within the business. They also found video far easier and faster to consume and understand, when compared with the lengthy emails that used to fill their inboxes.

Subscription Levels

Video Production by Subscription™ is offered in two forms, a 6 month trial and a 12 month rolling agreement. Contact us using the form above or by calling 0203 002 92 42 for pricing and further information.

  • One filming days per month.
  • Two filming days per month.
  • One filming day per week
  • Two filming day per week
  • Other options available