About our TV Advert Production Service

Our TV Advert Production service forms part of our complete TV Advertising Packages. Concept TV excel in the creation of great quality, compelling and affordable TV Commercials. As an award-winning TV Creative agency, our clients benefit from superb visuals, cutting sounds and engaging narratives. We provide high class production at an affordable price.

Your TV Advert Production, filmed using Cinema-grade equipment.

We have invested heavily in the very best production equipment in our field. As such, you can rest assured that not only are you getting the best people for the production of your TV Commercial, you are also getting the best quality of production. Our kit includes the very latest Ultra-High-Defintion 4k Cinema grade cameras and lenses, along with impressive sound, lighting and grip equipment.

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How we undertake TV Advert Production

The art of creating a compelling TV Commercial is essential to a successful long-term TV advertising campaign. And importantly, it does not need to be expensive!

Our highly skilled production crew undertake TV Advert Producton and professional video media day in, day out, so we know how to make your proposition engaging and clear.

It will include well-crafted filmed elements and real people. The team will also include make-up artists and other specialised team members.

We believe that a filmed TV Commercial Production is more effective than an animated TV Commercial. Consumers are more likely to engage and be persuaded by a real person. With filmed creative comes an immediate grade of visual quality that will reflect well on your brand.

TV Commercial Production includes:

  • Production of a 10, 30 or 60 Second TV commercials*
  • Pre-Production Creative Workshop
  • Competitor research*
  • Creative Proposal
  • Script writing
  • Clearcast Claim Substantiation
  • Storyboard*
  • Filming - On-Location or Studio*
  • Music Soundtrack from our Production Library (or commercial track subject to additional licence fees)
  • Voiceover Recording with our house artist. (Premium and celebrity voiceovers subject to additional licenses and fees)
  • On-screen graphic production
  • Editing & Grading in our Post-Production suite
  • Mastering for Broadcast and Digital Campaigns
  • Direct Digital Transfers to Broadcasters

* Excluding Low Cost TV Advertising Package Options.

Broadcast Copy Compliance (Clearcast Submission)

All TV Commercials that are to be broadcast in the UK require Clearcast Approval. Clearcast are an organisation work on behalf of the television broadcasters to ensure that all TV Commercials aired are in compliance with the guidelines established by the A.S.A (Advertising Standards Authority), which is a requirement of their OFCOM broadcast license.

This may sound complex, and as one of the world’s most regulated advertising industries, it can often seem complex and excessive, however we are highly experienced in this area and will guide you through the process. You may need to provide evidence to substantiate certain claims within your TV commercial. We will mitigate on your behalf with the authorities to achieve the best possible viable outcome. If we feel that a claim may not have a realistic proposition of achieving Clearcast approval, we will advise and suggest alternatives. If there is a specific claim that you need to make, we can work to an hourly rate to cover the research, production of substantiation and mitigation process – although we unable to guarantee that a claim will be approved.