About Pre-Roll Video Production

Pre-Roll video is fast becoming a central part of the marketing mix.

Digital marketing opens up a wide range of opportunities for companies. At Concept Media, we make creatives to support all aspects of digital marketing.

Pre-Roll Video Ads are played before normal YouTube video, and are structured differently to traditional ‘linear’ advertising creatives.

Engage & retain your audience

Viewers can ‘skip’ an ad after the first few seconds – so we create content that intrigues your audience and carries them into a slightly more detailed presentation, before directing them to the next stage of engagement.

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The benefits of Pre-Roll advertising

  • Move your brand into the biggest, most scalable media space available.
  • Highly targeted, from content types to locality.
  • Easy to manage spend vs. performance.
  • Fewer restrictions on Digital Video Advertising vs. traditional Television Advertising.

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