Live video production and streaming to create instant audience engagement

A LIVE Event requires a planned, controlled and professional approach. At Concept Media, we combine our expertise and utilise our high-end broadcast equipment to provide a high quality LIVE Video Production (and streaming) service.

Our video production services are also highly affordable, having been specified around the needs and resources of our corporate clientele.

High-definition video streams for YouTube, Facebook Live, Concept LIVE, Periscope... (etc...)

We can stream your live content to any social media or video streaming site world-wide.

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Professional Live Video Production and Streaming facilities

  • Broadcast Specification Cameras (HD / 4K Ultra High Definition).
  • LIVE ATEM Vision Mixing for Streaming or fast turnaround post-production.
  • High Quality Audio Recording - Lapel (Tie-Clip) Mics, Desk Mics and Area Mics.
  • On-Location Studio Lighting Facilities.
  • On-Location Viewing Gallery & Separate Viewing Monitors.
  • Long-Run Fixed Camera (SDI) Links.
  • Multi-Camera Production (2,3,6, etc...)

Contact us using the form on this page or call 0203 002 92 42 for further information.

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