About our Clearcast Submission Consultancy

The UK TV Advertising platform requires prior Clearcast Approval and is one of the most regulated TV Advertising mediums in the world. It is riddled with complex rules and barriers that must be satisfied before a TV Commercial can go to air in the UK.

We work regularly with new products and have built a significant expertise in pursuit of broadcast advertising copy compliance, so we are ideally suited as your source of knowledge and advice.

Who are Clearcast?

An independent company that approves (Clearcast Approval) or rejects TV Ads. They act on behalf of the broadcasters to ensure the broadcasters do not breach their OFCOM broadcasting licenses or ASA – Advertising Standards Authority rules.

All TV Adverts must have their Pre-Production Script approved before a final TV Ad can be presented to Clearcast with a Clock for final approval. The broadcasters will not schedule your TV Ad unless you have a Clearcast Approved Clock Number.

Why is Clearcast Approval needed?

Broadcasters in the UK have to comply with UK Law and the strict terms of their OFCOM license to broadcast. They use Clearcast to check that every TV Advert complies with UK Law to avoid any risk of them breaching of their license agreement and incurring heavy fines or worse. Every TV channel requires compliance with the regulations.

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How can we help you get approval for your TV Commercial?

The submission process can be difficult, especially when a business has not attempted submission previously. We have an extensive record of submitting TV Commercials to Clearcast and obtaining broadcast approval. Whilst not all claims can be approved, we work tirelessly to find ways of getting claims into an approvable form.

It is not always possible to achieve an outright approval for a TV Commercial script, but in that case, we can usually help you navigate the rules to find an approvable claim.

If you have already filmed your TV Commercial and are struggling with approval, we could still help.

We have worked with a good number of clients that have developed and filmed their own TV commercial, but who have been unable to obtain Clearcast approval to broadcast in the UK.

We can provide a review consultancy which will bring us up date with your current position. We would then be able to create a strategy involving either an edit recommendation to the creative, or find ways to substantiate the claims you are trying to make.

Call us on 0203 002 92 42 to find out more about our Retrospective Submissions Service.