Our Broadcast Video Production service is professional and modern. Put simply, we create affordable content broadcast. From single assets through to complete television series’ production.

Our work is regularly broadcast across the UK

Our work is featured on most TV Channels across the UK. Our content includes TV Programming, TV Commercials, voice-overs, TV channel & sponsor stationary. We’ve got every content requirement covered.

High quality content production has never been more affordable

We produce video content at a fraction of the cost of many TV Production Companies. Our customers frequently feedback that they are impressed at the premium visual and sound quality of our work. Take a look at our range of services below (services in orange are clickable and have dedicated pages), browse our showreel and use the Contact form on this page or call 0203 002 92 42 to discuss your project.

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Discover some of our Video Production Services

We can provide video production on-demand or by 6, 12 or 24 month retainer deals. Call us on 0203 002 92 42 to discuss your requirements.

Programme Making

With 14 years in regular television broadcasting at Concept Media, we know what makes great content. We can devise and make programmes with a new level of affordability. With a brilliant team of creatives at our disposal, along with a fantastic (and owned!) range of Production and Post-Production equipment, we should be your next call! 0203 002 92 42, or attach a brief to the bottom of this page.

Our clientele also includes other production companies and format writers – so we’re able to produce pilot shows at an affordable price that ensures we deliver all the magic needed to entrance your audience.

  • Television Programmes (Series / One-offs)
  • Pilot Programmes
  • Fresh New Content Within Affordable Budgets
  • Sponsorship Funded Channel Content (Ask us about this one!)

Channel Stationary and Sponsor Idents

We can produce a range of video assets for your channel (Broadcast AND Digital Platforms). Whether you need a complete brand video experience, programme intros, voiceovers, etc, we can help!

We can also produce programme sponsorship idents (or bumpers), top and tails, from 5 seconds to 15.

If you need anything to support the content delivery on your channel, call us now on 0203 002 92 42 or use the contact form at the bottom.

  • Channel Idents
  • Programme Intros (Channel branded & Voiced)
  • Voiceover for your own visuals (send us a private YouTube video preview & Script in the contact below)
  • Sponsorship Idents

TV Advertising Services (Production, Post and Clearance)

We produce and clear TV Commercials for some of the UKs biggest consumer brands and broadcasters. From 30 second TV Commercials to long-form infomercials.

At Concept Media, we provide our production services under contract to other advertising agencies, broadcasters and TV channel or Digital Channel operators.

  • Creative Development & Scriptwriting
  • TV Commercial Production
  • Infomercial Production (Longform)
  • Broadcast Compliance (Clearcast Approval)

Concept LIVE - Viewer Pilot Feedback System (Cloud based)

Our Concept LIVE system enables programme makers to show their content to focus groups and stakeholders, and then collect feedback via the portal’s questionnaire system. This makes it easier to gain viewer insight to pilots and concept pieces without the risks of dilution or corruption of individual opinions from a standard ‘screening’ to a panel or large group.

  • Screen pilots and concept pieces to test audiences
  • Option to schedule pre-recorded video for live streams
  • Cloud Based
  • Gain individual viewer opinions and insight using our questionnaire and feedback elements
  • Viewing statistics, Viewer logins and other reporting
  • Scheduled viewing and programme watermark system to protect media rights.

Title Sequence Production & Graphic Overlays

We use industry standard tools as part of our title sequence production services. From simple graphic overlays and rolling titles to complete channel stationary and broadcast programme graphics.

Studio Facilities and Production Crew On-Demand

If you need any type of video or audio content made, our studios, expertise and equipment are at your disposal. Call 0203 002 92 42 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to discuss your requirements.

  • Television Studio Facilities
  • Broadcast Post-Production Suites
  • On-Location Production
  • Black & White Backgrounds, or Green & ReflecMedia Keying screens.
  • Wide selection of Cameras including; Blackmagic URSA 4k (UHD) RAW, Cinema Camera 2K RAW, Canon XF100 50m/bit, Canon 60D / EOS M, GoPro
  • An Excellent Range of Glass from Canon and Samyang
  • Sound recording equipment, including SD Recorders, Sony Radio Lapel Mics, RODE and Sennheizer Rifle Mics, SHURE Performance Mics, Boom Poles, etc.
  • LIVE Streaming Capability
  • Audio Mastering Suite, Sound Booth & Voice-over Recording Facilities
  • Tight deadlines are our speciality!
  • LED & Florescent (and even a little Tungsten) Studio Lighting and Grip Equipment

UHD 4K Post Production Facility - Wet | Dry Hire

We’ve cut pretty much everything in our state-of-the-art post-production suites. From content for TV Programmes through to 5 second bumpers. As a rule of thumb, most of our content is now shot (in RAW) and edited in UHD 4K. And our workflow & storage strategy means that if you need your HD Content provided again in 5 years in 4K, we’ll probably be able to retrieve it from Archive. Below are just some of the key uses and features:

Voiceover Recording and Sound Mastering Studio

We offer a fast-turnaround in-house voice-over artist. Simply attach the script to the contact section below and we’ll send it back as a voiceover. We also hire our sound booth, complete with a technician if you’d prefer to use your own artist (or even record yourself!)
Other services include voiceover to presentation syncing and multi-language recordings.

Digital Engagement Consultancy and Content for Programme Makers, Broadcasters and Channel Operators

We work with the very best in the industry. No longer can you make a TV Programme or operate a TV or Digital Channel without a social presence. We create digital strategies to support traditional content. Engage and increase your audiences – and instantly make your proposition more appealing to sponsors and advertisers.

  • Amplify your content using the worlds biggest social media platforms.
  • Build viewer anticipation between episodes by drip-feeding them preview content
  • Offer new ways for your advertisers to monetize sponsorships and product placements
  • Our people have worked with the biggest and the best. Ask us who...
  • Responsive, Modern design. Ensure everyone can enjoy your digital content, wherever they are.
  • Detailed Content Calendars align with broadcast schedules and all stakeholders to deliver powerful, consistent, audience-building messaging